Watercolor, Photography, + Life Musings

These were the last words my mom spoke to me as she sat on her bed in hospice. I was headed to a friend's wedding but was reluctant to leave her side. But she insisted. I kissed her pale face and hugged her goodbye - literally forever.  But her words and her spirit have never left me.

Go have fun, Kimmy.

At the time, I didn't get the magnitude of a mother sitting on her deathbed encouraging her child to have fun despite the circumstances. But after awhile, I really got it. She was right. And I hope it doesn't take a tragedy to help you see that, too.

There's so much fun to be had if you look for it. There is always something to celebrate and be joyful about even in the darkest of times. I don't think we're reminded of that enough.

This blog is a little tribute to my mother, Merri, and everything she stood for. (Can you feel her bubbly energy around you as you read these very words?) It's a little place on the internet to have fun, find and share joy, celebrate creativity, have adventures, and to connect with each other. I know this endeavor would make her heart happy. It makes mine SO happy.

This section of my website is an illustrated FUN blog.

Some might say travel and lifestyle blog. But I'll keep saying it's an illustrated FUN blog until it sticks.

Get ready for endless doodles, illustrations, and photography as well as more practical things like where to eat the best (x,y,z) in a city and quick travel guides. I also have an online shop where you can order prints, tees, etc. if you especially like a doodle. 

Let me be your discerning, devoted, doodling, travel guide! I will lead you to places to eat, shop and explore that do not suck and are worth your time and energy. I'm here to help you weed out all the mediocre choices so you can make the most of your adventures.

And most importantly, I'm here to ask you on a daily basis...