Should We Tell Others About Our Pregnancies Earlier? Washington Post editorial

I'm honored to share a recent illustrated editorial for The Washington Post in collaboration with psychologist Dr. Jessica Zucker, creator of I Had a Miscarriage. Dr. Zucker specializes in women's reproductive and maternal mental health.

Dr. Zucker and I created this piece hoping it will encourage women to seek connection and solace from others in their early stages of pregnancy versus believing their only option is to keep quiet until it is safe to "come out of the woods". 

In Dr. Zucker's words:

Why is sharing difficult news (specifically pertaining to pregnancy and infant loss) viewed as problematic? After all, we need support throughout the journey of pregnancy, whatever the outcome.

This is about choice: Sharing our pregnancy news when we want and with whom. If we don't want to share, great. If we do want to share, that's okay, too! Nuance. Your choice.

Let's quarantine the shame borne of silence and replace it with support.

See the full piece in The Washington Post here.

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