Paris: Quick Favorites


We took a week long trip to Paris for our babymoon this February. I was 27 weeks along in my pregnancy and really felt it was probably the latest I'd be able to travel (somewhat) comfortably. I'm so glad we made the trip. Although the weather wasn't ideal with lots of rain - Paris will always be Paris and we enjoyed ourselves and our time being unplugged.

I want to share some of my favorite little gems and neighborhoods with you. I've been to Paris about four times now but am by no means an expert Francophile. Yet I am mesmerized by the city history, culture, art, food, architecture and just love digging in, researching, and discovering one-of-a-kind cafes, shops, streets, etc. A lot of you asked, so here's my list of recommendations!

If you have additions to this list, contact me and I can add! Let's share the wealth! P.S. - This doesn't really cover the standard touristy stuff. This is the stuff you have to dig a bit more for. I narrowed my list down to my top favorites so you're not overwhelmed, too! 

Also, had to paint this piece below, inspired by the getaway, which is available for sale in my shop.


Where to Stay:
Both of these neighborhoods aren't too far from the big attractions. Walkable and near metro stations.

Le Marais - More hustle and bustle, hip, but some of the oldest narrow streets in Paris.
Latin Quarter - Feels more residential, quiet, older, local crowd.

Favorite Breakfast / Brunch:

*or just hop into any cafe/patisserie for a cappuccino, fresh juice and croissant

Food Market:
There are so many of these and some with incredible longevity/history. However, this one was my favorite and near where we stayed in Les Marais. 

Le Marche des Enfants Rouge - The oldest market in Paris - over 400 years old! Go for lunch and eat at the Moroccan stall - Le Traiteur Marocain! Closed Mondays. Covered so go anytime of year.

My favorite neighborhoods to shop in were Le Marais, Montmartre, and Canal Saint-Martin. On Sundays, lots of stores are closed but open in Les Marais area. We learned that the hard way. 

Merci - I'm obsessed with this design concept store located in Le Marais district.
Fleux - Again, this place is a really cool design concept store in Le Marais.
Ofr. -  Eclectic book and art shop. Really rad prints, magazines, etc. here.

Bar + Nightlife:
I didn't partake much in the nightlife scene but if you go anywhere, get a drink here. Located in Canal Saint-Martin.

Le Comptoir General - African cabinet of curiosities, banana beer, small concerts and movies, delicious cocktails and the best Instagrammable scene. Like...Alicia Keys casually performs here. Very low-key, NBD.


Kunitoraya - I have been to this Japanese Udon noodle spot again and again. There's always a line. I recommend it for lunch. Great for a cold day spent walking around and you want a hot, soupy dish!


Les Enfants Rouge - Call and make a reservation. Traditional, formal French dinner yet Japanese chef inspired.
Derrière - From the creators of Sketch and Momo in London, an apartment style restaurant with traditional + inventive food. Try the beef bourguignon, creamy foie gras terrine, salads...

Touristy stuff:

Louvre - Spend at least 2-3 hours here. Get tickets in advance to skip line.
Museo de Orsay - Favorite museum for Impressionist paintings galore. Get tickets in advance to skip line.
Saint Chapel - Surround yourself in amazing stain glass. You'll be mesmerized! 
Notre de Dame

Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart) Basilica - Make the pilgrimage to the church atop a hill with stunning views of Paris. Then wander behind it and through the old Montmartre neighborhood - home of Moulin Rouge and other brothels. Lots of shops, cafes near here. Skip the touristy ones and wander further for more low-key ones. Have an Aussie-inspired brunch at the Hardware Société  nearby. 

Linger + Wander here:

Monet's Gardens in Giverny - Take a train ride about 45 min outside of Paris to Monet's garden getaway. There's cafes and shops in the town, too. Go in spring, summer, fall.
Jardin de Luxembourg - I love this garden so much. Bring wine/cheese/bread and just sit. The statues encircling it are of 20 French queens. Go in warmer seasons.
Versailles - Worth it. About 40 min train ride outside Paris. Go in warmer seasons.

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Happy travels!