(Kimothy hella pregnant, Dec 2017)

(Kimothy hella pregnant, Dec 2017)


About Kimothy

Kimothy is a Denver-based artist who creates illustrations made with joy to spark social change. She partners with people and organizations on social-awareness campaigns to inspire thought and action. 


Specializing in watercolor and ink drawings, she often paints portraits of heroines of the past and present and seeks to offer a sincere and hopeful message of empowerment for women and girls. Read more about why this is her focus here. She primarily focuses on working with individuals and companies who strive to make the world a better, more equitable, place for all.

Select designs are available for purchase on items such as tote bags, prints, notecards, and much more. Kimothy launched her product line in November 2017 as a means to give back to socially progressive organizations. A percentage of proceeds from the shop are donated to charitable organizations such as EMILY's List, I AM THAT GIRL, Planned Parenthood, and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Kimothy has been practicing her craft for awhile now...


And her greatest inspiration will forever be her mother...


who showed her how to find joy in life and share it with others.

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