New Gift Wrap Collaboration with UNWRP

Hey gang!

I'm thrilled to now offer two limited edition gift wrap designs in collaboration with female-owned Brooklyn-based gift wrap start-up, UNWRP

Click here to purchase the Future is Female pattern design and the Wonder Woman inspired design.

More about UNWRP and Ashley L. Fouyolle, the brains behind the biz:

Brooklyn native and graphic designer, Ashley L. Fouyolle desired a little more when searching for custom gift wrap. Bored with the market’s offerings that simply allow customers to add a name and photo, she took the millennial route to satisfaction and created what she was looking for. Something more unique, something cooler, something that speaks to the individualistic nature of today’s generation.

We present to you UNWRP... a boutique wrapping paper company delivering made-to-order wraps.

Read more about her bad assery in this recent feature in Essence magazine.

Gucci x Kimothy Joy : In Bloom Collaboration

My Creative Interpretation of Gucci's Bloom Fragrance

When Gucci asked me to interpret their new fragrance, Bloom, in my own way, I said HELL YES. When I sat down to think about what bloom means to me, I thought about my own journey from a girl who let others influence her so much that she couldn’t hear her own needs to a woman who has rebuilt her identity and belief system by listening to herself. I then thought about all the beautiful women around me, blossoming into their own strength and authentic selves. My friends are my muses. So naturally, I asked them to participate as my models in bringing this project to life.

I created this video with the intent to reflect the vitality, exuberance, and boldness that is palpable when someone is in full bloom. The most vibrant aspect of this beauty is when you can sense one has overcome great adversity and that they’ve found the courage to be themselves and speak their truth.

Through watercolors and hand lettering, I wanted to express a flowering of human consciousness and raised self-awareness in women.

This is a life in full bloom. It’s time to bloom, darlings.

Thanks to my lovely models Melanie and Lucille as well as and Dani Thompson for animating this video!

Behind-the-Scenes: In Bloom video in the making...

Creativity strikes in the quiet moments. The ones where I can get still and just hear my breath and truly observe or when I’m struck with an overwhelming emotion - that is the origin of art making. I have to get quiet enough to listen to what it is that is calling to be created…what messages are yearning to be said? Sometimes, it is not that serious nor should it have to be…and I’ll sit down to paint watermelons because I feel like painting watermelons. I start to realize the remarkable beauty in the simple things around me when I enter this space of observation and reflection.

I never know how the final piece will quite turn out and learning to be open to the uncomfortableness of the unfolding of an idea - that is where the magic is. Learning to let go and let the concept evolve on its own.

This is an idea in bloom. It doesn’t seem to make sense at first. It’s messy. And I’m okay with that. That is the way creating goes.

Scroll through for a sneak peek of a new collaboration I’m working on for Gucci reflecting the essence of their new Bloom fragrance. 

*Sponsored by Gucci

Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Day Collaboration with Dr. Jessica Zucker

Dr. Jessica Zucker, author of I Had A Miscarriage, and I partnered this month on a poignantly beautiful illustration series for Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Day

The illustrative campaign seeks to shift the silence, stigma, and shame surrounding pregnancy and infant loss with an eye on early pregnancy and creating a safer, more inclusive emotional spaces for supporting women throughout every stage in a pregnancy. Check it out below and be sure to grab free illustrations here.

It was also very beautiful working on this special partnership as I'll be welcoming motherhood come April! I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant. Greg and I are very excited to welcome a baby girl into the world in the Spring (who run the world?). 

This is my first child and wasn't exactly part of the plan. But sometimes life's plans for us are better than we could imagine. I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm SO grateful to be surrounded by a loving, supportive community of folks who will help us along the journey. Thank you for your kind words that have already poured in and the love and support. I'm excited to share this journey with my community.