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I am that girl Collab

In collaboration with I AM THAT GIRL, this 11x14 print is now available in my shop! 25% of sales will go directly to IATG's operations and leadership development programming for young women.
I AM THAT GIRL galvanizes sisterhood at the pivotal high school and college level, teaching essential lessons like how to collaborate vs. compete with fellow women. I wish I would have had the opportunity to join and the encouragement in finding my own voice so early on. I'm honored to work with IATG in inspiring the next generation of Wonder Women. 

juniper books collab

Earlier this summer, I collaborated with Juniper Books and was honored to illustrate a book set, "We Write, We Rise," commemorating amazing female authors including Ursula K. Leguin, Maxine Hong Kingston, Maya Angelou, Carson McCullers and more. For this illustration collab, I was inspired by the fierce women of color who have invoked social change with their typewriters and their ink pens, the iconic Rosie the Riveter, and my grandma. 


CLEO WADE #nationalpoetrymonth cOLLAB

April was #NationalPoetryMonth and every Sunday throughout the month I teamed up with the amazing poet Cleo Wade to share poems and stories from people who have been or are currently incarcerated. Mass incarceration is a crisis we cannot ignore, it's a systemic issue crippling and dehumanizing communities. The discourse that emerged from this collaboration was powerful and hopeful–check out the series on Instagram here. 


limited edition print collab with feminist fight club

Kimothy Joy has teamed up with Jessica Bennett, the badass author of the bestselling book Feminist Fight Club, for a special collaboration that is dear to my heart as an artist and photographer. These limited edition prints designed in collaboration with #FeministFightClub aim to celebrate women working together for equality, are now available in my shop. 20% of profit from sales will be donated to a charity that supports girls' empowerment.


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